NewsNews3 November 2022

"Voice of the Country": how to make the main talent show of Ukraine

The fifth season of the "Voice of the Country" talent show ended in June. According to the ratings, the program became the second most popular on television this year: rating 5.8%, with a share of 17.6%; the total audience for the entire season is 24 million people, 2/3 of all TV viewers in the country. Interestingly, the first in popularity this year was the same "Voice", only the children's version: the rating was 7.8%, with a share of 21.4%. According to the director of "1+1 Production" Victoria Lezina-Maslyana, the scale of the show has no equal on Ukrainian television. The number of people willing to enter the auditorium exceeded the available load by at least twice, and the special semicircular screen occupied an area of 180 square meters. During the live broadcasts, up to 500 personnel were present at the filming, which ensured the continuity of the entire process.

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