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The 1+1 media group presented the sixth report on the company's non-financial activities

At the end of February 2023, the 1+1 media group presented the sixth report on the company's non-financial activities. The basis of the report was made up of projects and initiatives of a social nature, aimed at combating the challenges caused by the new year 2021. And also the social activity of the media group, connected with the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine. The reporting period is 2021 and the first half of 2022. The essential issues highlighted in the document relate to projects and initiatives in the following areas of Corporate Social Responsibility 1+1 media: "Responsible content", "Employee development", "Education of Ukrainians", "Copyright protection", "Environmental responsibility" and "Health Ukrainians".

"This is a non-standard report, because the whole of Ukraine is currently experiencing non-standard difficult times. The team started preparing the report for 2021 even before the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. The events of February 24, 2022 forever changed the course of not only national but also world history and the life of every Ukrainian. That's why the report has a section dedicated to the social activity of 1+1 media in the conditions of war" , - said the general director of 1+1 media Yaroslav Pakholchuk .

Thus, in the section "Full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine", the 1+1 media team reveals some of the activities implemented at the beginning of the great war. In particular, we are talking about the start of broadcasting of the nationwide marathon "Yedini Novyni", active work on the destruction of fakes in the international media space, an initiated request to members of the European Commission and to key television and OTT providers with a request to impose sanctions on Russian TV channels.

In addition, in the section dedicated to wartime, the media group talks about the implemented charity telethons, thanks to which it was possible to collect more than UAH 53,000,000 in total. They also reveal in more detail the creation and implementation of charity concerts and football matches Match for peace #StopWarInUkraine. All-out war initiatives are described as of August 2022. The 1+1 media group notes that these projects are ongoing. The team of the media group will tell more about them in the seventh CSR report.

"We decided to stop in August 2022, but the projects are continuing, more details about them will be in the report of the next, I believe, victorious year," - added the general director of 1+1 media Yaroslav Pakholchuk .

The very results of Corporate Social Responsibility for the year 2021 were projects implemented with the aim of employee development, education and health of Ukrainians, copyright protection. Also, during the year, responsible content - patriotic films and historical projects - appeared systematically on the air of the group's TV channels. In particular, special projects from TSN and PLUS TV channel related to environmental responsibility.

You can find out more about the report and download its electronic version on the website of the media group at by this link .  

As a reminder, 1+1 media is the first company in the media sphere of Ukraine that started reporting on non-financial results of its activities. The report highlights the company's work in areas that correspond to the CSR strategy of 1+1 media. The report itself complies with the Global Reporting Initiative international standard.

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