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The 1+1 media group together with the "Come Back Alive" Fund is launching a fundraiser for the "League of Aerointelligence"

Starting from March 4, the 1+1 media group, together with the Come Back Alive Foundation, will collect funds for the "Aerial Intelligence League" project during the broadcasts of football matches of the Ukrainian Premier League 2022/2023.

Thus, the media group together with the charitable foundation plan to raise funds for the purchase of three UAV Mobile Stations - special all-terrain vehicles equipped with an autonomous power system, workplaces for operators, tools for repair and separate places for the location of large drones. The cost of one such mobile point is UAH 3,360,000.

A total of 37 broadcasts of matches involving five top Ukrainian clubs - "Dynamo", "Dnipro-1", "Metalist", "Zorya", "Rukh" are planned. The matches will be broadcast by TV channels 2+2 and UNIAN, which are part of 1+1 media, as well as sports Digital projects of the media group - FootballHub and "PROFUTBOL Digital".

Already today, during the match "Dynamo-Ingulets", viewers of FootballHub and "PROFUTBOL Digital" will have the opportunity to make a charitable contribution by going to the special Bank of the "BpLA Control Points" Foundation via the QR code that will be posted during the broadcast. In addition, tomorrow, March 5, viewers of television broadcasts on channels 2+2 and UNIAN will be able to join the gathering.

"Currently, in addition to covering sports news, we consider it our duty to help bring victory over the enemy closer. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, thanks to broadcasts and ideological partners, we managed to raise funds for the purchase of tablets for the soldiers of the Armed Forces and to transfer the SUV to the front line. In addition, implement a number of other point requests from our Defense Forces. We believe that in cooperation with the charitable foundation "Come Back Alive" we will be able to purchase and transfer to the front these cars that will help the military in the performance of combat missions," commented Danylo Shchestyuk , head of the sports projects department of 1+1 media.

Caring fans and everyone who wants to can also make their donation outside of broadcasts, choosing any convenient way for themselves: a special project account posted on the Foundation's website at by this link ; Bank of the "BpLA Control Points" Fund, which is available at this link . Details of the results of the collection will be systematically posted on the official pages of the 1+1 media group , as well as the "Return Alive" Army Competent Assistance Fund .

"Try to imagine an IT specialist working outdoors. A programmer who tries to write extremely important software in the cold, but cannot compile it, because the processor simply stops working at sub-zero temperatures. Try to imagine a tester trying to hit the keyboard with his fingers in the rain. Or a sysadmin writing a script for a server while dozens of insects crawl across his screen.

But most of all, controlling a drone is similar to a computer game — here you also need to look at the screen, send commands to the drone in time, react instantly to a change in the situation and know the "lore" well. Take the gamer to field conditions, imagine that instead of a comfortable chair - a box of drones, there is no air conditioning, it's hot outside, indoors - it's even worse. The iron overheats, the surrounding air melts... Or, on the contrary, frost, the tooth does not touch the tooth, the wooden fingers do not respond well to the impulses sent by the brain. And in general, you still have to get there by rickshaws, and you won't be able to walk far with boxes.

The effectiveness of the UAV calculation directly depends on the control point — it must be passable, maintain the necessary climate for the work of both operators and iron. And in addition, it is reliable, because if the machine breaks down, the crew simply will not reach the area where the task is to be carried out ," comments the senior instructor of UAV tactics of the "Return Alive" Foundation under the call sign "Glib".

Full information about the "Aerial Intelligence League" is already available on the website: .

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