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"How are you, brother": a manual on psychological assistance during the war is presented in Kyiv

On 16 December, the Academy of the Patrol Police of Ukraine (9 Svyatoslav Khorobroho Street) will host a presentation of the Support Groups psychological assistance manual created as part of the socially important project "How are you, brother".

According to statistics, more than 90% of Ukrainians surveyed have at least one of the symptoms of anxiety disorders, and more than 50% are at risk of developing mental health problems. The "Like You, Brother" project develops and distributes practical manuals on how to provide basic psychological assistance during the war on a voluntary basis. 

The manuals are unique in that they are based on modern practical experience, not on psychological theories. They are written in such a way that they can be easily and immediately used by all Ukrainians, including those with little knowledge of psychology. They contain clear algorithms that will help people without psychological education to support those around them, to listen to them without exhaustion and conflict, even when they themselves are under stress. 

The purpose of the new manual within the Support Groups project is to explain how everyone can help their environment become an effective support group for those who need it.

"When a person feels like he or she is among his or her "own", it becomes easier for them to behave naturally and feel more confident. If a person receives support and a normal reaction to the changes that have happened to them in the group, they begin to accept themselves," commented Anton Semenov, the project's founder, a psychotherapist and social psychologist.

The authors note that any group of people can become a support group - a group of strangers warming up in a point of invincibility or in a bomb shelter during an air raid, military personnel walking together to the nearest village, and a family gathered for dinner. 

The project's media support has been joined by 1+1 media, which has made mental health and quality communication a priority.

The presentation of the manual will take place on 16 December (Saturday), 11.00, at the following address: 9 Svyatoslav Khoroboho St., Kyiv, Patrol Police Academy (entrance to the left of the building).

As the entrance to the territory of the Patrol Police Academy is based on lists, registration is required (registration closes on 15.12 at 12.00).

Registration form: 

The manual is available on the project website Support groups 

For more information, please contact Daria Kalabina +38 (066) 852 7150, or Anton Semenov (095 503 0665,

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