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How Ukrainians watched TV channels, series and news in January: analytics from Kyivstar TV

However, it was not without its challenges. TET launched a romantic comedy series If Honestly starring Igor Lastochkin and Daria Petrozhytska, and 2+2 TV channel aired the film Unfinished Flight about the late Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyi on 18 January. 

In the analytics from the Kyivstar TV platform, we will tell you what TV viewing was like in January and how Ukrainians consumed news content, as well as identify the leading channels.

As a reminder, while the Nielsen panel, which used to do TV measurements before the full-scale war, is still being updated, the market continues to rely on viewing data from OTT platforms. Thus, since June 2023, the platform has been providing viewing reports based on paid subscriptions only.

Top 10 TV channels in January 2024

Novy TV channel became the leader in terms of viewership, losing slightly compared to December 2023 (-1.2 percentage points compared to December) and gaining a share of 8.3%. It is followed by 1+1 Ukraine with a 7.4% share, which showed a 0.2 pp increase in January compared to the previous month.

By the way, on 1 January 2024, 1+1 Ukraine reached a record share of 17.8%. The TV premiere of the Ukrainian animated film Mavka. The Forest Song" on 1+1 Ukraine garnered a record share of 33.8%. In January, "Breakfast with 1+1" on 1+1 Ukraine was the leader of the morning slot and increased its share to 12% (+1.8 p.p. compared to December).

The top three TV channels in January were closed by STB with 6.9% share (-1.7 p.p.). It is followed by ICTV2 with 5.5% (-1.5 pp). 

TET (5.4%) and 2+2 (5.1%) are unchanged on the 5th and 6th places. The latter, in particular, shows an increase of 0.1 percentage points compared to December.

TV channels broadcasting "United News" took 7th and 8th places - 1+1 Marathon with an unchanged 4.5% share and ICTV with 4.3% (+0.1 percentage points compared to December).

The Travel themed playlist increased its share by 0.5 percentage points to 2.4% in January. This free content collection from 1+1 media was ranked 9th on Kyivstar TV. Viasat Kino Action HD continues to hold the 10th place in this list of leaders, increasing its share to 1.9% (+0.1 p.p. compared to December). 

Media groups and viewership

1+1 media's own and partner TV channels - 1+1 Ukraine, TET, 2+2, 1+1 Marathon, PLUSPLUS, Bigudi, KVARTAL TV and Comedy Central - topped the media groups ranking with a 26.7% share (-1.2 p.p. compared to December).

The channels of StarLightMedia group - Novy, STB, ICTV2, ICTV - were in 2nd place and garnered a total share of 26.4% (-4.1 pp. y-o-y). Inter Media Group is still in third place, but in January it showed an increase of 0.4 percentage points and ended the month with a 2.8% share.

Viewership of news content

The total share of the main TV channels broadcasting the United News marathon on Kyivstar TV platform increased by 0.1 p.p. to 9.5% in January. Traditionally, 1+1 Marathon is in the lead with a stable 4.5% share. ICTV is in second place, having increased its share by 0.1 percentage points to 4.3%. Inter's share remained unchanged at 0.5%.  

The other news channels have maintained their December figures: Pryamyy gained 0.7% share, Espresso - 0.6%, Channel 24 - 1.1%, Channel 5 - 0.2%.  

The most popular TV series and films on Kyivstar TV in January

The top of the list is headed by two TV series broadcast on TET - the new series If Honestly and Diet No. 0.They are followed by cartoons: the adventure series Strongman and the Team, family comedy series Alvin and the Chipmunks and SpongeBob SquarePants. The top ten most popular episodic projects also included About Cinema for You.This is a new project of Kyivstar TV, a film and television platform, in which famous Ukrainian filmmakers and TV business gurus talk about their professional experience, share insights and advice for those who are just starting their career in this field.

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