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The informational marathon "Edyny Novyny" has been on the air for six months without interruption

On August 26, six months have passed since the first broadcast of the informational marathon of the united TV channels "Edyni Novyni". Starting from February 26, the marathon will be broadcast without interruption, and its work will be provided alternately by the editors of the leading media groups of Ukraine - 1+1 media, Starlight Media, Inter Media Group and TV channels "Rada" and the First Channel of Public Broadcasting.

In total, almost 2,000 journalists, media representatives and technical personnel provide the telethon around the clock, are in hot spots, risking their health and lives so that people around the world learn the truth about Russia's crimes in Ukraine. Therefore, the main goal of "United News" is to provide verified information and be with viewers, readers and listeners 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the sake of information security and the victory of Ukraine. The success in fulfilling this mission is confirmed by research results: the TV channels that create and broadcast the marathon remain the most sought-after source of reliable information among all Ukrainian mass media(1). 69% of Ukrainians trust the "Edyny Novyny" marathon (2) and this is an important motivation for continuing the daily work of the newsrooms that create the marathon.

In general, over 5,000 stories and more than 12,000 live broadcasts from Ukraine and the world took place within the framework of the telethon during the existence of Yedyny Novyni.

"The only news" is a unique product. International partners are always curious about his work and, I am sure, have no idea if their media could consolidate like this. In six months, the marathon has changed. Changes are still taking place, because he is a living organism that tries to meet the requirements of time and its audience. According to many polls, the marathon is the leader in views and recognition in Ukraine. This speaks only about the quality and demand of the product. Therefore, we continue to work and bring our victory closer - comments Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

The Single News telethon has a wide distribution portfolio and is available to viewers from Ukraine and around the world on television (via T2 and satellite), radio, OTT platforms, in Digital (Facebook and YouTube) and even in the Diya application.

Also, starting from May, the program "Edyni. The main thing", which lasts one hour. This is a summary overview of key events about Ukraine, in Ukraine and from Ukraine for the past day.

1 Data from the survey of public opinion of Ukrainians from the International Republican Institute h ttps:// /

2 Media consumption monitoring data for July 2022

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