News1+122 December 2022

Instructions for setting up reception of the TV channel 1+1 Ukraine in the T2 network

From December 24, 1+1 Ukraine will appear on the T2 network.

In order for 1+1 Ukraine to be in the list of channels on your TV/receiver (to set up 1+1 Ukraine reception ), it is necessary to rescan the TV channels.

Here are instructions on how to do it.

The instruction has a universal character and for a specific receiver/TV model, some menu items or settings may differ from those indicated in the instruction.


- Before starting the setup, make sure that there is a broadcast TV signal, as well as the correct settings of the broadcast antenna;

- To do this, check whether your receiver/television receives TV channels TET, 2+2 or PLUYSPLUS , since the TV channel 1+1 Ukraine speaks on the same frequency as the indicated channels;

- The ability to watch TV channels TET, 2+2 or PLUSPLUS will mean that your TV/receiver is ready to receive TV channel 1+1 Ukraine .

Setup procedure:

- Press the "Menu" button on the tuner/TV remote. Go to the "Settings" menu (it can also be called "Options");

- Go to the "Channel search" section (also called "Broadcast" or "On-air menu");

- Select the item "Auto Search" (also called "Auto Setup") and click the "OK" button. After that, the channel scanning process will begin. The scanning procedure may last several minutes;

- After the search is complete, press the "OK" button again to save the search results.

If the settings are made correctly, the TV channel 1+1 Ukraine will appear in the list of channels of the receiver/TV.


If you do not know how to set up the receiver yourself, or the 1+1 Ukraine TV channel did not appear in the list of channels, try another option - contact a TV repair specialist or your friends who have already set up the receiver.

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