News1+11 February 2023

The date of the premiere of "The whole country is speaking" on the TV channel "1+1 Ukraine" has become known

On February 27, the main talk show, "The whole country is talking," will premiere on the 1+1 Ukraine TV channel.

The other day, filming the first episodes took place in Kyiv, where the details of the events that caused a public outcry will be revealed in the format of a journalistic investigation.

With the help of stories, heroes, and witnesses, new facts about the cases that shook the whole country will be revealed step by step. Each episode of the report will be commented on by experts - psychologists, doctors, criminologists, lawyers, and specialists in other fields, who, together with the project leader Oleksiy Sukhanov, will step by step establish the truth and raise social issues.

"Despite the huge tragedy Ukraine has faced, life goes on. Each of us is now focused on bringing victory to the front as soon as possible by any means possible. But the war does not cancel the family and everyday problems that our heroes have to live with daily. "The whole country is talking" is not just a talk show; it is a reliable shoulder and a project that teaches us a lot. Thanks to the experience of the heroes of the project, viewers will be able to prevent the problems that we discuss in the studio because this project allows learning from other people's mistakes, not from their own. Our viewers will see fictional stories from life in which heroes protect and defend their rights for the sake of the future of each of us. Every viewer will feel our support because the whole country is talking to him," says project host Oleksiy Sukhanov.

The shooting of the project took place in a new cozy studio. The project's experts have already become well-known personalities, including the expert on the social and legal protection of children, Oleksiy Lazarenko, the lawyer Oleksandr Mozolevskyi, the psychologist Tarasova Iryna, the head of the NGO Association of Single Parents of Ukraine, Oleksandr Mazur and many other guests. Experts will give a professional assessment of the situation that has developed around the hero, allowing you to decide, formulate your attitude to the event, and protect your rights and dignity. The project's primary mission is to establish justice in the most challenging life situations, even in wartime conditions. Most experts work with the characters both before and after the episode's shooting. Thus, pediatrician Hanna Hrytsenko says that she often communicates with the participants of the events after filming, examines the children, and provides first aid if necessary.

"I often examine the children even before the shooting of the project to assess the situation that has developed around them. We have various cases of children being very neglected due to the indifference of their parents or due to the most serious crimes. I continue to communicate with the parents, and if they contact me, I try to organize further necessary treatment for the child," says Hanna.

At the center of each issue are resonant stories of ordinary Ukrainians who need help. One such story, which TV viewers will soon see, is about a family where a mother and father cannot decide with whom the child will stay after the divorce. In addition, one of the episodes of the project "The whole country is talking" will tell about a large family in which the father tries to establish paternity thanks to a DNA test.

During the journalistic investigation, the project team and the polygraph expert received a very unexpected solution - one of the heroes of the program admitted his guilt in the crime committed just on the set. The project team decided to hand over the case to the police, and immediately in the studio, the suspected hero was detained by law enforcement agencies.

We will remind you that the 1+1 TV channel recently announced a collection of stories for the talk show "The whole country is talking," hosted by the well-known TV journalist Oleksiy Sukhanov. From now on, every TV viewer can share their resonant story and become part of a new project on 1+1. For your life experience to be heard, you need to fill out a questionnaire, describe in detail the events that happened to you and your family and share photos or videos. No story should be forgotten in such a difficult time because the talk show "The whole country is talking" aims to find the truth and establish justice in the most challenging life situations, even in wartime conditions.

The project's leader was Oleksiy Sukhanov, who, despite his Russian origin, finally moved to Kyiv in 2014, supporting Ukraine and European values. In a few years, he learned the Ukrainian language and, in 2019, received Ukrainian citizenship. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he condemned the Russian aggression and joined the Kyiv TRO.

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