NewsNews22 May 2017

Personnel news in 1+1 media

Today, May 23, Victoria Romanova joined the 1+1 media team, who will take the position of Head of Strategic Planning within the Department of Strategy and Development.

For more than six months, we have been developing this direction and working on updating the group's strategy. I am sincerely glad that Victoria joined the team right now, because the stage of strategy implementation and implementation of new initiatives is ahead. I am sure that her experience in system transformations and understanding of foreign markets will contribute to effective work," commented Anna Tkachenko, Director of Group Strategy and Development.

"I am glad to join the "1+1 Media" team and join the development of one of the leaders of the country's media market. I hope that my many years of television experience will be useful and will help in the implementation of new tasks and ambitious plans. I consider the direction of strategic planning as one of the main pillars of modern business and am convinced of the need to implement this institute in all spheres of business life. I sincerely thank the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine for the experience, knowledge, lessons and dozens of implemented projects. I am looking forward to new knowledge, experience, opportunities and emotions," commented Viktoriya Romanova.

Previously, Victoria worked at the National Television Company of Ukraine, where she was responsible for the processes of coordinating the international activities of the television company, membership in international organizations, bilateral cooperation with foreign broadcasters and partners, coordinated the process of transformation of the National Television Company of Ukraine and the creation of Public Broadcasting of Ukraine.

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