NewsNews2 May 2018

Tetiana Kulyk - Junior financial analyst (trainee)

I learned about the internship program at 1+1 media long before I started working for the company. When I saw the ad on the Internet, the thought flashed through my mind: "I want to work here." But after seeing the requirement, the mandatory video resume, she couldn't dare.

Several weeks passed and the thought that I was losing my chance did not leave me all the time. And here at my university there was a job fair, where there were employees from 1+1 media.

I decided that this was definitely a sign of fate :) That's how I got to know the HR manager Margarita, who convinced me that there are no requirements for financiers and it's enough to briefly tell about myself. All doubts, fears and hesitation disappeared somewhere and I sent my resume on the same day.

A week has passed, and Margarita herself is already inviting me to an interview. All stages of the selection were quite quick and easy. After the interview and a visit to the office, I had no doubt that I wanted to work here.

Then the most interesting began: getting to know the employees of my department and the first tasks, seminars.

At first, when the tasks were given, there were many questions for the curators. And I am very grateful to them for their help, patience and sensitivity. Today, most of the tasks are no longer so difficult for me and I handle them on my own, and this is all thanks to the fact that colleagues were always ready to answer all questions.

I can say that I have joined this team, I really like it here. I hope to stay here in the future.

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