NewsNews31 August 2018

A new season of the project "The world is waiting to be discovered" starts on the PLUSPLUS channel

These are new stories about things and inventions that changed the world. As before, the project shows Ukrainian schoolchildren that each of them can become an inventor if they have the desire and perseverance.

The cartoon "The world is waiting to be discovered" is an in-house production of the PLUSPLUS animation production channel.

Currently, the new season has 10 episodes. Among which: at first glance simple, but with a huge history, the alphabet; a thing without which no schoolboy can imagine life - a pencil; a stationery attribute that every child has - an eraser; an incredible and very important invention – the compass; everyone knows the pipe; an item that is an integral part of every home - a lamp; a common and important thing is a wheel; a water supply is very necessary in modern life; a photo that is valuable for everyone; an important part of the house is brick. Each series tells the story and background of the creation of these items, thereby inspiring children to create them.

Like last year, the cartoon "The World is Waiting for Discovery" is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for viewing by students of grades 1-4 during the first lesson and during the educational process.

"Already in the first days after the start of the project "The world is waiting for discovery" last year, we understood that there should be a continuation. Through the cartoon, we not only tell children about the things that surround them, but also explain to them that everything is possible, you just need to have the desire and perseverance. In addition, we have repeatedly received good feedback from teachers about the first season of the project, we hope that the second will also impress teachers and children," says Ivanna Naida, general producer of niche channels 1+1 media.  

Watch "The world is waiting to be discovered" from September 1 at 20:05 on the PLUS PLUS channel.


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