NewsNews20 April 2018

Andriy Petlytskyi - Junior engineer (trainee)

When I was still in school, I started to like television. Not in the sense of just watching it, but I wanted to be involved in the creation of television content. For several years, I independently studied photography and videography, editing and computer graphics, but at the same time I liked the field of information technology. That is why I entered the faculty of information technologies of one of the Kyiv universities.

Now I'm already in the 4th year and I need to decide what I want to be. Thanks to the advice of friends that 1+1 has opened recruitment for the beginning of an internship, I went to the site and looked at all the vacancies. After just a minute, I found the job that combines both creative and technological skills - graphic systems engineer.

During the first three months of internship, we were taught and given tasks in all areas of IT engineering. From the very beginning there were tasks of the level of practical work in pairs at the university, but later purely professional things related directly to television began. The team in which we (interns) found ourselves is a team of real professionals in their field, who will be happy to help you solve certain issues, as well as tell and show what was not possible to "google". Thus, already in 3 months of internship, I learned so much new and, most importantly, useful information for further work, which I would not have been able to get and study elsewhere. We are already studying graphic systems, thanks to which, for example, viewers can see live TSN titles, graphics on the back screen of the presenters, 3D graphics right in the studio and much more. And a few weeks ago, they went to set up a direct connection to FootballHub.

I am grateful to the internship program "Closer to TV" for all the knowledge I have received and will continue to receive. And now, being inside the big team 1+1, you understand that you are not alone.

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