Newsplusplus14 February 2023

"Plus Ukrainian": PLUS TV channel will broadcast the project "Speaking Ukrainian"

On February 13, 2023, the TV channel PLUSPLUS, which is part of the 1+1 media group , resumed showing the animated socially important project " Speaking Ukrainian ", which was created at the time with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. Every day, at 8:00 a.m., children and their parents will be treated to episodes of the project (one per day), where the heroes of the PLUS PLUS universe will reveal current topics related to the study of the Ukrainian language, consider specific situations about common language errors, about what words to use incorrect, and which will be appropriate in one or another situation, etc.

The project explains the rules and peculiarities of the Ukrainian language in a playful and entertaining way, providing advice that helps memorize it as quickly as possible. By the way, the theoretical basis of " Speaking Ukrainian " is based on the advice of linguist Oleksandr Avramenko - associate professor of Kyiv University named after B. Grinchenko, the author of a series of training manuals for preparing for external examinations and state final certification and the author of the books "100 Express Ukrainian Lessons".

In turn, PLUSPLUS TV channel is one of the platforms and ideological inspirations of the multi-platform 1+1 media project " Add Ukrainian " , which started recently. The project aims to popularize the Ukrainian language and culture, therefore a series of initiatives and large-scale actions will be implemented with the participation of PLUSPLUS. The return of " Govorimo Ukrainian " to the air is the first of such steps.

" In 1+1 media, the important initiative " Add Ukrainian " was recently launched , which is aimed at increasing the number of the Ukrainian-speaking population, as well as eradicating Russian content from our media field. For more than ten years, we at PLUSPLUS have been creating a large amount of original Ukrainian-language content for children, talking about patriotism and values that make us a real nation of brave people. Therefore, within the framework of " Plyusui Ukrainian " we will share our own expertise, broadcast cartoon series such as " Speaking Ukrainian " , which is a real application base for learning the language, and also initiate new activities. We believe that with joint efforts we will be able to do a lot, because adding Ukrainian and multiplying love for our culture and traditions is extremely important in order to defeat the enemy mentally , " commented Ivanna Naida , general producer of the PLUSPLUS TV channel .

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