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Ruslan Yarmolyuk and Valery Sytyuk received state awards of the President of Ukraine

Yesterday, November 27, in the circle of colleagues from TSN and Spetskor, presenter and special correspondent Ruslan Yarmolyuk together with cameraman Valery Sytyuk received the state awards of the President of Ukraine, which were personally presented to them by the Chairman of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting Oleg Nalivayko.

"When my colleagues and I were preparing the application for awarding Ruslan and Valeriy with state awards, we really wanted to add one more important clarification to these official words "for significant personal contribution, many years of conscientious work and high professional skill" - "for combat merits"" - said Oleg Pouring during the award ceremony.


On the eve of the solemn ceremony, Ruslan and Valery visited the "Breakfast with 1+1" studio. TV presenters, who have been covering the events in the East of Ukraine since the first days, shared impressive stories about their most dangerous business trips. In particular, Ruslan Yarmolyuk recalled the first filming at the Donetsk airport:

"At the moment of departure from the Donetsk airport, I felt fear for the first time. At that time, all the roads to the summer camp were not under the control of the Ukrainian military and were constantly under fire. Arrival and departure from the airport was carried out only at night, without lights in armored personnel carriers filled with soldiers. On the way back, our armored personnel carrier stalled, the shelling began. I looked into a small gap outside, I saw shells exploding nearby, and then I had the feeling that death was somewhere near," recalled special corpsman Ruslan Yarmolyuk.

In turn, cameraman Valery Sytyuk, who has been working with correspondent Evgenia Tsvetanska for the 4th year in the ATO zone in the Luhansk direction, recalled the first shelling they came across at the 29th checkpoint:

"We came there with Zhenya to see what the situation was at the checkpoint, because when we were there for the first time, the boys had almost nothing. Already after our first stories, new ceilings and bags were brought there, dugouts were strengthened. Then we just finished shooting, we were just standing there chatting. And at that moment we heard shots, understood that it was a mortar, the guys immediately showed us the direction to the new shelter. 25 of us crowded there, and we sat there for 40 minutes," Valery recalls.


We will remind you that on the occasion of the Day of Radio, Television and Communications Workers, by decree of the President of Ukraine, the host and correspondent of the "Spetskor" program on the "2+2" channel, TSN journalist Ruslan Yarmolyuk was awarded the Order of Merit III degree, and TSN operator Valery Sytyuk - medal "For labor and achievement".

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