NewsNews6 September 2017

Safonenko Alina - Print designer (trainee) TV channel 1+1 - about her internship

I bet - not everyone can boast that he wakes up happy from the fact that a lot of tasks await him. Only those who do what they love, surrounded by a team of professionals - people who are inspired by their work - have such a feeling.

It was my little secret dream to get into the rearview mirror of television. One of those that come with us into adulthood from childhood. It's amazing - when the result of your work can be appreciated not only by you, your team, or management, but also by millions of TV viewers from all over the country, when what you create becomes recognizable. Yes, during the internship, I managed to participate in the creation of on-air graphics and logos for new projects, significantly improved my skills and gained many new ones.

Of course, this is the result of not only my work. The main component of all good results was the mentor's support and valuable advice, the openness and friendliness of the entire team. Working in such a team once and for all changes the view of what working conditions should be, how to work and what to strive for.

Before the beginning of the internship, I was worried, I was afraid that I would not live up to my expectations. Instead, she received a huge experience, a lot of positive emotions and an even greater thirst for self-development. So thanks to 1+1 media and everyone who helped me and shared their experience. I believe that the end of the internship is not the end of our cooperation!

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