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Three more channels from the 1+1 media distribution portfolio were included in the Kyivstar TV offer

Pay TV platform   " Kyivstar TV", which is a joint project of the 1+1 media group and the Kyivstar company , has expanded its offer with three TV channels of the group - Paramount Channel , NickToons and KUS-KUS. All of them are included in the distribution portfolio of 1+1 media distribution , and now they are also available to Kyivstar TV users as part of the " Comfortable " and " Maximum " packages . In addition , the "KUS-KUS" channel is also available to subscribers of the " Basic " package.

Therefore , the 1+1 media offer in " Kyivstar TV" includes 2-3 channels, including those that were available on the platform before : 1+1, 2+2, TET, PLUSPLUS, Bigudi , UNIAN TV, Paramount Comedy , Paramount Channel , Kvartal TV, Nickelodeon , NickJr ., Spike , MTV Hits , MTV Rocks , MTV Live HD, VH1 European , Bolt , Film UA Drama , Star Cinema , Star Family , 36.6 TV.

" Kyivstar TV" is the best choice for viewers who value their own time and comfort, because the platform offers more than 160 TV channels of various genres . Satisfying the needs of subscribers is our top priority , so we actively and regularly update the content, and we are happy to expand our offer with three more popular TV channels - the movie Paramount Channel , the children's Nicktoons   and entertaining and educational KUS - KUS ", - commented Pavlo Rybak , head of the " Kyivstar TV" project from 1+1 media .

"We are very happy that thanks to the efforts of our partners, the online television portfolio of Kyivstar TV is gradually expanding. For our part, we continue to provide all the conditions for comfortable and high-quality viewing of content by our subscribers, both at home on TV and on smartphones, anywhere, anytime. After all, Kyivstar has not only the largest and fastest 4G network, but also unlimited traffic when viewing. That is, you can view the content without worrying about megabytes" - said the marketing director of Kyivstar, Pavlo Daniman .

Paramount Channel   - an entertainment channel that offers viewers the best movie hits - stories that touch everyone and keep them away from the screen. Paramount Channel viewers can see the main blockbusters of the new millennium, the legendary classics of cinema and the best genre cinema. The TV channel shows works that have won international festivals in recent years from such directors as Roman Polanski, Paolo Sorrentino and Wes Anderson, as well as current talk shows with the participation of world stars, for example, The Graham Norton Show and BAFTA - life in pictures".

The NickToons TV channel is created for children aged 6 to 10 and broadcasts exclusively cartoons. Currently, the program network of the TV channel already has more than 600 hours of the most famous cartoon series, every year it is replenished with 200 new episodes. Among the content of the channel are the well-known and   children's favorite series such as SpongeBob SquarePants , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Kung Fu Panda , The Penguins of Madagascar ), "Monsters vs. Aliens" ( Monsters vs. Aliens ) and others.

KUS-KUS is a specialized entertainment and educational TV channel that demonstrates a variety of culinary trends , teaches and promotes the culture of food preparation and consumption . The content of the TV channel is focused on the topic of healthy nutrition in the conditions of the modern rhythm of life , raises the issue of practical and simple recipes of healthy food , teaches the choice of safe food products and takes into account the interests of all family members .

Let us remind you that " Kyivstar TV" is a solution that allows users to watch TV channels and the content of the platform 's video library from various devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, SmartTV and TV tuner) and in any place where there is access to a high-speed fixed line . or 3G / 4G mobile internet . More detailed information about tariffs is available on the website of the platform at the link . There is a special offer for new subscribers , using which you can get a 50% discount for the first 3 months of use .

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