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"School online": lessons are available for viewing on 1+1 video, Kyivstar TV,, UNIAN, Glavred

The lessons of the "All-Ukrainian School Online" initiative will be available for viewing, in addition to television channels, also on the resources of the 1+1 media group : 1+1 video, Kyivstar TV,, UNIAN, Glavred , where separate sections have been created for placing materials. In addition, TV channels PLUSPLUS and UNIAN-TV , which are part of the 1+1 media group, will broadcast lessons for 5th and 8th grade students as part of the nationwide educational campaign "All-Ukrainian School Online". The group's television project, designed to provide schoolchildren with access to education during quarantine, was named "Ukrainian TV School".

On weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the 1+1 video platform will carry out an online broadcast of PLUSPLUS and UNIAN-TV channels with lessons for 5th and 8th grade students. In addition, the library of video lessons for all subjects from the 5th to the 11th grade is updated daily on 1+1 video. Lessons are available at the link .

Also, online lessons can be viewed using the online television platform " Kyivstar TV ", a joint product of 1+1 media and the Kyivstar company, which offers TV channels PLUSPLUS and UNIAN-TV, which will provide broadcasts of lessons, and others. After the end of the broadcast, it is possible to watch the lessons using the Catch Up function , which allows you to watch TV programs after a certain time after they were shown on the air, as well as in the video library of "Kyivstar TV".

On TSN. ua has created a separate section " W circles online" , where video lessons of all subjects from the 5th to the 11th grade are posted with daily updates . In addition, TSN. ua will provide readers with useful and practical advice, which has been verified by the own experience of those parents who have been teaching their children at home for more than a year. Homeschooling started gaining momentum a few years ago , and it's now a challenge for many who have joined online learning. Therefore TSN. ua will support parents with advice as much as possible.

Also at UNIAN there is a separate section " Ш circles online" , where video lessons of all subjects from the 5th to the 11th grade will be posted daily. Lessons in all subjects for all classes will appear in the bulletin board on the website on the day of their all-Ukrainian television broadcast. If you are late for a lesson or accidentally miss it, you can view the lesson and study at any time, as all lessons are stored in the UNIAN archive. To get a list of all video lessons, you need to select a class and subject .

The "Online Lessons" section has appeared on the Glavred website , which contains all the information on the "All-Ukrainian School Online" schedule, as well as news with streams of television broadcasts.

We remind you that the school program for the quarantine period was developed by the Ministry of Education and Science together with teachers. Lessons are recorded on the basis of the Novopechersk school, where 40 teachers from Kyiv will become teachers for students from all over Ukraine. To make distance learning interesting and keep the attention of schoolchildren near the screens, Ukrainian stars - TV presenters, musicians, actors, athletes - join the lessons. They answer teachers' questions, conduct experiments with them, and solve problems on the air. Distribution of school programs within the framework of "All-Ukrainian School Online" by TV channels: 5th grade - PLUS PLUS, TV channel "112 Ukraine"; 6th grade – Zoom , NEWSONE, Pixel; 7th grade – ZIK; 8th grade - UNIAN-TV, Indigo; 9th grade - TV channel "Rada", UA Culture; 10th grade - UA First; 11th grade - M1.

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