NewsNews29 November 2018

"Telekritika" announced its rebranding and launched a new website

The Ukrainian online publication "Telekritika", which is part of the "1+1 media" holding, has announced its rebranding. The resource updated the logo, presented a new site , and also announced the renovation of the content submission. The 1+1 Digital team worked on the online media relaunch project.

One of the main changes of "Telekritika" was the adaptive web design, which ensures the correct display of content on the screens of various devices. The editors also abandoned the concept of an "endless" news feed and introduced page numbering in blocks.

In addition, the publication will now focus on creating content for a professional audience of media managers, so publications on the site will contain more analytical and review material within 5 new thematic sections: "TV", "Cinema", "Internet", "Media", and " "Mediatusovka". The changes will also affect the "Dusya" tabloid, which will cease to exist in text format and will become a separate project outside the website of the online publication.

"We have created an industry media that focuses on analytical materials in its work. This is due to the fact that we aim at the quality of our audience, not the quantity. Monetization of the updated resource is planned with the help of special projects, less - on banner advertising", - notes the director of the digital direction of 1+1 media Anna Tkachenko.

"In the age of information distortion, the mission and tasks of the updated "Telecritika" is not only to monitor events and trends in the Ukrainian media sphere, but also to professionally evaluate the rapidly developing television broadcasting and film business, monitor state regulation of TV, journalistic standards and freedom of speech, digital space , the situation with piracy, copyright of creators of TV and film content. Also, our online project will feature important stories, useful insights, inspiring heroes and professionals who

develop this industry in Ukraine, advance the country into the future and take care of its social responsibility," says Maria Khrushchak, editor-in-chief of "Telekritika".

In addition to filling the site, "Telekritika" plans to adapt and create content for popular social networks and messengers, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube.

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