NewsNews23 April 2018

TSN helped raise 130,000 euros for the treatment of little Nikita

At the ward "TSN. Help" Nikita - leukemia, blood cancer. For the past year and a half, he lived in the department of the capital's "Okhmatdyt" with an extremely strict regime and could not leave his small sterile box for even a second. In Ukraine, the boy was given almost no chance of recovery. Abroad, doctors have more optimistic forecasts, but the parents cannot afford the expensive treatment on their own - 130,000 euros had to be raised in a short period of time. Mykyta's best friend, Luka, learned about his illness and started looking for potential donors among his classmates. When it was explained to him that children cannot act as donors, he organized a charity fair to collect funds for the treatment of a friend. Luka counted a lot on the support of adults, but he was worried, suddenly they don't care about children who are sick.

After the touching story of the two boys' friendship was told by TSN in January, funds from thirty to thirty thousand hryvnias began to arrive on the card of Nikita's mother every minute. In a month, the efforts of caring people managed to collect the necessary amount. A Polish clinic agreed to accept Nikita for treatment. A bone marrow donor was found for him very quickly and a date for hospitalization was finally set.

The boy is already in the hospital. At the airport, he was escorted there by his best friend Luka and TSN host Nataliya Moseychuk, who at one time was moved to tears by the boys' story on live air and who joined the urgent fundraising.

"We will do everything possible to make this story end well! In oncology, nothing can ever be predicted 100 percent," Polish doctors say.


The doctors explain: Nikita is in serious condition, and he has a long road to recovery ahead of him. The course of high-dose chemistry begins today. Then the operation itself, after which Nikita will be in a sterile box for at least four weeks. The boy dreams of getting better soon and meeting his friend again. TSN thanks all interested viewers and will follow the course of events.

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