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On Independence Day, six presenters from six cities will host the TSN program at the same time

On August 24, at 8:45 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., TSN of the "1+1" channel will be broadcast from six cities of Ukraine. Lidia Taran will work in Kyiv, and Nataliya Moseichuk - from Mariupol, Solomiya Vitvitska - from Poltava, Marichka Padalko - from Odesa, Yuliya Borysko - from Dnipro, Svyatoslav Grynchuk - from Lviv will carry the news in connection with her. On the eve of the holiday, the News Television Service team went to these cities and searched for unique stories of people that the country can be proud of. Viewers of the "1+1" channel will see these stories in the morning during the broadcast of TSN.

The series of stories "There are 42 million of us" by Olga Vasylevska, which started airing yesterday at 7:30 p.m., will precede the holiday editions.

"I have been watching "1+1" since I was a child, and I clearly remember how excited I was by the social advertisement "There are 52 million of us". But when I looked at the latest statistics that in 2018 there were 42 million of us, I decided to analyze where the 10 million Ukrainians went. Every day we talk about cardiovascular diseases, terrible ecology, war, but it is not so impressive. I decided to make everyone think: where do thousands of Ukrainians disappear every day and how many of us there will be in a few dozen years," commented author Olga Vasylevska.

For the first time on Ukrainian television, it will be possible to see serious analytical work with data and statistics prepared for viewing, which will thoroughly reveal a socially relevant topic. Special attention should be paid to the visual component of the stories, which was taken care of by the chief director of TSN Alesya Kovalenko, and the design of the infographics, which was developed by a team of designers led by Milana Orobchenko

"We approached the creation of this cycle almost according to the canons of serial production - it took several months for our team to prepare it, from the collection and processing of statistical information to the search for symbolic locations, filming and post-production. As a result, we received a truly unique special project with infographics inscribed in real locations," comments the chief director of TSN Alesya Kovalenko.

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Watch the special project "There are 42 million of us" from August 20 at 7:30 p.m., and the holiday broadcasts of TSN on Independence Day on "1+1".

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