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Host of the program "Breakfast with 1+1" Nelya Shovkoplyas became a blood donor during the live broadcast

Ukraine produces about 8 ml of donor blood per person. And this is almost twice less than the recommendations of the World Health Organization and ten times less, compared to other countries. If in the USA and Canada there are 40-60 donors per 1,000 people, then in Ukraine there are only 12-14. And the number of Ukrainians who need it has increased significantly in recent years.

"Being a donor is useful. Blood is renewed. Women can donate blood 4 times a year, and men - 5. Regular donation helps prevent diseases of the immune system, disorders of the stomach, pancreas, and liver. The risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases," he says. Tetyana Bondaruk, head of the field team of the regional blood center, internist.

On November 7, the Donor's Day was held in the office of the media group for the ninth time. The premises turned into a small medical center, thanks to the field team of the regional blood center. At first, those who wanted to were examined by doctors, passed a blood test, and only then received permission to donate. The first host of the "Breakfast with 1+1" program was Nelya Shovkoplyas, who donated blood during the live broadcast.

"I wanted to become a donor for a long time, and here, everything turned out, even without distracting myself from the work process. I feel good. It's not scary and it doesn't hurt," Nelya says.

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