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Since 2022, the number of movie screens in Ukraine has decreased by 4 times: an interview with the co-producer of "Pamfir" Alyona Tymoshenko

A new episode of "About Cinema for You" with the founder and director of the Ukrainian Film School, co-producer of the crime drama "Pamfir" Alyona Tymoshenko appeared on Kyivstar TV

The founder and director of the Ukrainian Film School, Ukrainian producer Alyona Tymoshenko became the new hero of the regular edition of "About Cinema for You" Kyivstar TV project. She told host Volodymyr Rabchгn about the current state of the film industry compared to the beginning of the full-scale invasion and noted that it is now very difficult to talk about the profitability of this area.

"Now, of course, financial support from the state is needed, but there are other ways to find financing. It can be the private sector. For which, unfortunately, today our cinema cannot be profitable. Because the number of movie screens, which was for December 2021 — 663, in the summer of 2023 — 171. Cinematographers constantly talked about the fact that there are not enough cinemas and movie screens for their films to be repaid. But now we don't talk about it anymore, because the territories are occupied, cinemas have been bombed and people go to watch the movies less. However, there is a private sector that can be turned to for funding. As well as partner projects and the possibility of financing from other countries," says Alyona Tymoshenko.

However, despite everything, Ukrainian cinema continues to develop and needs specialists. There are several educational institutions in Ukraine where you can study film professions. The Ukrainian Film School is among them. It was created on the basis of the film studio FILM.UA. There, practicing teachers teach actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, sound engineers and other specialists. According to Alyona Tymoshenko, this is exactly the place where like-minded people are found and reliable business relations are built with them.

The founder of the Ukrainian Film School noted that anyone can become a student, but you should think carefully before submitting your application, because such a decision should be balanced and accurate. However, as Alyona said, it's never too late to realize your dreams.

"Our oldest student is 53 years old and she said that she came for a dream. It's cool that people at this age have the opportunity to realize their childhood dream," Alyona comments.

The director noted that the school is proud of its students, because many of them are quite successful.

"Our graduates are actively acting: Iryna Varench-Ostrovska ("How is Katya?", "My thoughts are quiet"), Serhii Kysil ("Dream Catcher"), Zakhar Shadrin ("Novenka", "Forever-forever", "The Chapel ") and Alina Cheban ("Forever-forever"). Everyone knows that the movie "How's Katya?" was released, it won an award at the Locarno Film Festival. The producer of the film is our graduate Olga Matat. This was our first launch of the producer program, still experimental, short. "Don Juan from Zhashkov" featured a trio of our graduates, because the director and director of photography are our graduates, and the main role was performed by Slava Babenkov, also a graduate of the Ukrainian Film School," said Alyona Tymoshenko.

The full version of the interview with Alyona Tymoshenko can be viewed freely on Kyivstar TV via the link

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