NewsNews25 March 2022

Statement by 1+1 media regarding the firing of journalists by the Russian military during the execution of editorial tasks

The 1+1 media group, one of the largest media holdings in Eastern Europe, whose current focus is information broadcasting and objective coverage of the events of the Russian war in Ukraine, appeals to the international professional community, public organizations, human rights communities and journalists from around the world with a request to give maximum publicity and legal condemnation of the events taking place in Ukraine.

So, on the evening of March 25, during the execution of an editorial task in Chernihiv region, recording the implementation of a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians to a safe zone, the Russian military fired upon a convoy of civilians, in which were foreign journalists from the English-language channel TRT World (Turkey) and a special correspondent of TSN (1+1), honored journalist of Ukraine Andriy Tsaplienko. The consequences of enemy shelling are currently being clarified, there are wounded.

"It happened today, March 25, around 4:50 p.m. during the shelling of the humanitarian corridor to Chernihiv. There were many civilians and cars waiting for permission to cross to Chernihiv or pick up their relatives from there. After the drone detected a crowd of people, the shelling began 15 minutes later. First they started shooting with a tornado, then with 122 mm artillery, then a mortar was connected, and at the final stage - a tank. All this lasted no less than 1.5 hours. The film crew of the English-language TRT World channel was with me. Despite the fact that colleagues are experienced military journalists, they were shocked, because for the first time they found themselves under such powerful artillery fire. Just as they are shocked by the brutality of the Russian military in its treatment of the civilian population. Now I am on a drip in good hands. The doctors said that the wound was 5 points. This means that everything will be fine and I am very lucky ," says Andriy Tsaplienko .

At the same time, more than a week ago, the TSN film crew came under an artillery attack by Russian troops in the Kyiv region.

The cases when the Russian army purposefully destroys the civilian population - children, doctors, journalists, workers of communal services, etc. - are increasing every day and, unfortunately, have a systemic nature. Dozens of innocent people die every day, and Russian troops commit real genocide on the territory of Ukraine. The enemy spares no one, destroying everything in its path. Dozens of settlements and hundreds of thousands of people who have become hostages of war criminals are in constant danger.

1+1 media calls on the international community not to be silent about the abuse of the civilian population, which the Russian Federation inflicts on a daily basis. Give it maximum publicity, oppose the terrible propaganda of the Russian Federation, because it encroaches on the whole world, prevent the repetition of crimes against journalists and millions of innocent people! Ukraine needs a ceasefire.

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