NewsNews8 July 2020

Statement of 1+1 media regarding the statements of Anatoly Shary

On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, a video by Anatoly Shariy appeared on YouTube, in which the blogger tries to convince viewers that his murder was allegedly planned. According to the author of the video, one of the stages of the campaign that was supposed to precede this was planned visits by journalists to Spain, where there is a villa that supposedly belongs to Shari, in order to film stories about his real estate. And, in particular, it is claimed that it was the journalists of the TV channel "1+1" who were supposed to fly out for the filming.

1+1 media states that the words of Mr. Sharia are not true. Neither the "1+1" channel nor other editorial offices of the media group received any appeals, let alone orders, regarding the possibility of conducting such filming. We would like to emphasize that the principles of the media group exclude "on-demand" work. In any case, this topic was not and is not on the agenda in the editorial office. Especially since there are quarantine restrictions in Ukraine, due to which any foreign trips of film crews are impossible.

Taking into account the above, 1+1 media considers the words of Anatoly Shariy as slander, which threatens the business reputation of the media group and the "1+1" channel in particular. The lawyers of the media group will deal with a detailed analysis of these statements.

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