NewsNews13 December 2018

Statement of 1+1 media in connection with manipulations by television service providers

The 1+1 media group, as a significant participant in the television market of Ukraine, is deeply concerned about the distortion of facts by television service providers regarding the inconsistency of the price of the tariff packages previously announced by the media groups, which will be valid until the satellite signal is coded.

Media groups and providers have previously reached an agreement and officially announced at industry events that during the period of saturation of the market with equipment for receiving an encoded satellite signal, the cost of basic tariff packages, which include national TV channels, will be social and acceptable to the population. Therefore, we believe that numerous statements from providers who are deeply surprised by the cost of national tariff packages for 29 hryvnias/month voiced by some market participants. until the moment of coding, is a blatant manipulation and a clear example of double standards.

"In order to stimulate the transition of satellite FTA subscribers to 4 KAS TV tuners, with the help of which they will be able to continue to access national TV channels after encoding the signal, we took care in advance of the saturation of the market with set-top boxes and 1+1 media, like the rest of the media groups, already have repeatedly voiced their single market position - before coding, tariff offers, which actually include a set of national TV channels, must have a low and acceptable cost for subscribers," commented Yaroslav Pakholchuk, executive director and director of the pay television division of 1+1 media .

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