NewsNews7 October 2019

October of new cartoons on PLUSPLUS

In October , PLUSPLUS will continue to supplement the channel's own TV program with children's cartoons. This month, the absolute premiere of the cartoon series " 44 Cats" will start. Viewers will also be able to enjoy the new series of "Peppa Pigs" , "Bakugan" and the season of "Nella - Princess Knight" .

From October 5, the new Italian animated series "44 cats" begins, which tells the story of four cats who create the musical group "Buffycats". In addition to hearing music, each of the main characters also has extraordinary abilities: paws-compasses, fur-polygraph, hypno-eyes and a body that senses danger. The series is full of extraordinary adventures, during which cats not only get into trouble, but also help various characters to establish justice. The main theme of the entire animated series is friendship and the desire to selflessly help others.

"Peppa Pig" will continue to delight viewers with new fun and discoveries. From October 7, Peppa will continue to explore the world around her and have fun with her family and friends.

From October 8th, PLUSPLUS will also broadcast new episodes of "Bakugan" - an adventure anime series where players compete with each other in interplanetary battles for supremacy.

In addition, on October 13, the new season of "Nella - Princess Knight" will begin, where the main character, together with her friends, will continue to restore order in the former kingdom of her parents and learn valuable lessons.

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