NewsNews10 September 2020

The 1+1 media media school in partnership with the A+ Academy is launching the joint project "Media course for schoolchildren".

"We have been discussing the need to launch such a course for Ukrainian schoolchildren for a long time and have been working on the realization of this idea. We are extremely glad that the Academy will cooperate with us this academic year. We are sure of a positive result, because the course will be conducted by 1+1 media specialists who are not only professionals in their field, but also have considerable teaching experience. In addition, students will have the opportunity to acquire soft skills and practice using the capabilities of the media holding, which will allow them to fully familiarize themselves with television professions and master basic knowledge of media literacy," says Yuriy Bilokur, head of the Higher School of Media & Production.

80% of the course program consists of practical classes alternating with theoretical blocks. This construction of the curriculum, taking into account the use of digital approaches and gamification methods, will allow to learn the material faster and more efficiently.

"Similar courses have long been actively implemented in many state and private schools in the EU countries and beyond. Today, media literacy skills and knowledge are not just relevant, but have moved into the category of basic. We are sure that they should be mastered by all children, at the same level as the humanities and natural sciences, while obtaining secondary education. These are the so-called soft skills that will come in handy regardless of the further choice of profession," says Tetyana Kurmaz, general director of the A+ network.

The course will last 2 months, and upon completion of the study, students will receive a diploma.

Yehor Gordeev, host of "Breakfast with 1+1", journalist, travel blogger and traveler, will be the curator of the course and a mentor for the students. Before appearing on "1+1", he had considerable experience working on Ukrainian television, and he also worked in Prague on the development of the new TV channel "Nastoyashe Vremya" - a joint project of "Radio Liberty" and "Voice of America".

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