NewsNews1 November 2018

The son of Iryna Horova and Potap became the ambassador of the Children's Media School 1+1 Media

Andrii Potapenko will cooperate with the media school for two months. Its task is to inspire the children's audience to develop and learn from a young age not only the school curriculum, but also to acquire the knowledge that Generation Z needs.

"The media sphere has long become one of the main focuses of the younger generation's interests. Our task is to tell more about the opportunities that the Children's Media School opens up for children, and to inspire them to learn new things. Andriy will be such a guide to the world of media for children," says Yuriy Bilokur, head of the Media & Production Higher School .

Despite his young age, Andriy already has experience working as a presenter and model. The young blogger also successfully runs his Instagram, which is followed by almost 30 thousand followers, and his YouTube channel Potapchiq VLOG has more than 10 thousand followers.

Producer Iryna Horova will watch the training like a mother and will comment on the process.

"New knowledge and development in various fields expands a child's worldview, so when the Children's Media School 1+1 Media offered Andrii to become an ambassador, I immediately agreed. As a mother, I try to support all manifestations of my son's creative personality. He is a very talented kid: he knows how to joke, he communicates well with a large audience on blogs and from the stage of events. I will be happy to watch his achievements in blogging," adds Iryna Horova.

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